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Awfully Clever: A Multi-Fandom Fic Archive

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Awfully Clever
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A Multi-Fandom Fanfiction Archive
This is the fic journal of cybermathwitch, jessofthebugs, and kadollan. We write for many different fandoms, pairings, and ratings.

The comm has a closed membership, but we encourage you to click the "watch" button at the top and add us to your friends list, so you'll make sure to see the latest stories as we post them. (In fact, doing so makes us absolutely gleeful and giddy. We're cute when we're giddy - especially Jess.)

If you would like to link to us, or affiliate with us, please let us know. Just send us an email at awfullycleverarchive(at)gmail(dot)com. If you like, you're welcome to use the button below (but please make sure to upload it to your own space first):

Our beautiful layout is courtesy of thefulcrum. Go lookit her stuff! It's all gorgeous!

For questions regarding ratings, tags, lengths, etc., please see the FAQ.
A note of apology to Google Chrome users - something about our combination of layout, style, and css code on the archive pages doesn't show up properly on Chrome. So the FAQ page is screwy, but still readable. Our apologies. Maybe someday we can figure out how to fix it.